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Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to connect with you all. I’m Serena and I’ve been working as a booking agent in the FIT department of Massari Travel for about a year now, all the while balancing my academic pursuits at university.

I live in Rome, my hometown, and I am madly in love with its rich history, vibrant culture, and timeless beauty; despite this, my wanderlust knows no bounds and whenever I have the opportunity, I’m always ready for a new journey.

Iceland was the country that changed my life and stole my heart, and the memory I cherish most dearly is the volcanic eruption I was fortunate enough to witness.

I enjoy collecting sunsets around the world and to travel, for me, is not merely about visiting new places; it’s a journey of self-discovery, an exploration of diverse cultures, traditions, and, perhaps most importantly, culinary delights.

As a proud ambassador of Italian culture, I love to cook, eat, and of course, enjoy an aperitif with a platter of local cold cuts and a glass of white wine.

There is no profession better aligned with my passion, and I wholeheartedly view it as my mission to evoke in my clients the same sense of wonder and exhilaration that accompanies my own explorations of new destinations

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