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Together is the best way to be

At Massari Travel we believe that it is people who make the difference both at work and in life and we want to create long term relationships with our travel agents, based on mutual respect and trust.

There is, therefore, no better way to build it up than to live experiences together, to explore new destinations, to eat, drink and be marry together.

This is what we know out of the many experiences we had throughout Italy with the various fam trips we have organized so far in Piedmont, Puglia, Umbria, Basilicata, Tuscany, and this is what was confirmed by our last fam trip, this time in Sicily.

Sicily at it best, came out of an idea to explore the most authentic and less touristy areas of this island, not an easy task, to tell the truth… without neglecting the trademarks of the region.

The best way, after flying to Palermo from all over the world, was to drive… or better, to have a driver driving us, relieving us from all the fuss and fatigue and letting us to enjoy the magnificent landscape.

Massari Travel local partners proved to be efficient and reliable, and this is what exactly you need when you have clients travelling abroad and unable to speak the language of the place.

Pick-ups from the airport were in perfect timing and drivers courteous and professional looking.

The first day saw us exploring Almar, Giardino di Costanza, where luxury meets everybody’s expectations and the beauty of the place is surpassed only by the gentleness and professionalism of the whole staff.

Silence, spectacular hundred years old trees, colours, and the most amazing local food you can have in the area, made our stay perfect, and the amazing spa, taught us about the philosophy of the place, where wellbeing is the focus and the foundations that lay at the basis of a stay at the Almar.

The afternoon was meant for exploration, and we headed to the salt pans where we understood the fascinating and very hard job of salt extracting, while enjoying a spectacular sunset drinking one of the best Sicilian wines by Baglio Oneto, a luxury wine resort we enjoyed on our arrival.

Selinunte was our target for the second day and our guide there lead us through history and legends, through myths and architecture and through a windy morning that spread perfumes all around us.

The place was quiet at that time of the day and the very knowledgeable guide chosen by Massari Travel, made the visit interesting and fun.

The group of agents travelling with us starting “melting” together and personal stories began to be shared, with lots of laugh and some learning.

Different ages, different nationalities, different backgrounds and different markets… after a day we could no longer see any differences, all we could see was people learning and sharing and having fun.

Tired, but happy we went to enjoy a breathtaking view, while staying at Torre del Barone, one of the very few 5 stars in Sicily with a natural hot spring Spa and long, sandy beaches.

Caltagirone and its steep flight of stairs was the first thing we did, the following day, while buying some ceramics and enjoying another glorious experience at a local winery where everybody was amazed by the simple, delicious food and the excellent, unique wine that the young owners of the winery produce with pride.

The night was spent in the most pleasant atmosphere of Mangia’s Brucoli, an Autograph collection located in the most amazing see view location you may wish to see when in Sicily.

A sea water large pool, a great aperitif on the sea and a lovely dinner accompanied by an amazing singer, completed an almost perfect day…

And then, off to more adventures on our Jeep excursions on the Etna, the lady, the mother, the “she” of the island, with its strong and gentle temperament, with its contrasting colours, with its peculiar and enchanting smells.

Here the group was… put to the test, by a unique and easy cave experience rewarded by the most amazing hand made granita that was done for us on top of one of the many volcano valleys.

Food and experience always go hand in hand with Massari Travel because you cannot say you have really enjoyed Italy, without enjoying its food, don’t you think so?

Lunch was… light… no, do not ever believe when an Italian person invites you out for a light lunch… we will never let you get away with little food, because for us food is love and family and fun and … calories, you’ll need to lose once back home.

But these are good calories, piled up with a smile on your face: 😇

Monaci delle Terre Nere, was literally the cherry on our cake and we could not stop hearing but amazed comments and seeing gaping, happy faces, while we did our golf cart site inspection from one villa to another, from one pool to another.

The place, a Relais&Chateaux, built on a visionary project of the owner, Guido Coffa and managed with an amazing attention to details by the General manager, Giovanna Manganaro, proved to be a real sustainable property where luxury did wonderfully blend with a real respect for nature creating one-of-a-kind experiences for those who choose it to be their Sicilian home for their holidays.

Why are we sharing all this info with you? Because we believe that what we sell is knowledge, but we also are aware that, although you can certainly book these places on your own, you cannot experience what we experienced with our partners, unless you create a true, real relationship with a local partner and our agents ‘comments on the fam, seem to agree with this.

Dear Sabrina, Barbara, and the Massari team:

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional experience you provided during my Sicily familiarization trip.

From the moment I arrived until the time I departed, every aspect of the trip was meticulously planned and executed flawlessly. Your attention to detail and commitment to ensuring that everyone had a memorable experience did not go unnoticed. I am confident that my clients will have the same experience when booked through Massari Travel.

Jan B.

Dear Sabrina and Barbara.

Thank you again for the most wonderful FAM Trip in Sicily. I believe we'll be receiving a survey, so I won't go into detail about hotels and experiences. One of the highlights of the trip for me was spending time with you both. Building personal relationships and trust is so important in the travel industry.

Carla W.

Gentili Sabrina e Barbara,

Desidero ringraziarvi nuovamente per l'invito al Fam Trip in Sicilia. È stata un'esperienza molto interessante che mi ha dato l'opportunità di esplorare nuove realtà affascinanti e di conoscere persone stimolanti.

L’organizzazione è stata perfetta, tutte le attività sono state organizzate con precisione e attenzione, rendendo l’esperienza ancora più bella.

Nel frattempo, ho condiviso con entusiasmo le specifiche delle strutture che abbiamo visitato e l'itinerario completo con tutto il team. Ho evidenziato l'eccezionale lavoro svolto da voi e incoraggiato i miei colleghi a contattare Massari Travel per eventuali richieste particolari.

Grazie mille e spero di vedervi presto,

Sofia V.

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