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Orsetto Lucio and his first adventure

Once upon a time, in the enchanting region of Abruzzo, a charming bear named Lucio was born. He was a happy cub, living with his mother and father in a lovely village surrounded by mountains and trees.

His upbringing was based on love and fun and he was the most loved little bear of the forest, spoilt and cuddled by all the animals of the neighbourhood.

Affectionately known as Orsetto, Lucio was no ordinary bear.

He possessed a keen sense of adventure and a love for exploring the world on his trusty bicycle and on a sunny morning, already in the prime of his youth, he set off on his first journey to discover the beauty of a region everybody was talking about: the tiny region of Umbria.

He wanted to know more,he wanted to discover what was beyond the forest and pedalling through picturesque landscapes, he started his first journey, marvelling at the rolling hills, vineyards, and olive groves that stretched out before him.

He pedalled and pedalled and finally he found himself in Umbria. His first stop was the splendid city of Perugia.

In Perugia, Lucio couldn’t resist the temptation to sample the delicious chocolates the city was famous for.

He strolled through the cobbled streets, greeting friendly locals and admiring the medieval architecture.

As the sun began to set, he settled down in a cozy trattoria, where he enjoyed a hearty meal of truffle pasta, accompanied by a glass of exquisite Umbrian wine.

The following day, Orsetto Lucio continued his journey, making his way to the charming town of Assisi.

Here, he visited the magnificent Basilica of Saint Francis, taking a moment to reflect in its peaceful courtyards. He marvelled at the stunning frescoes and the sense of tranquillity that seemed to emanate from the sacred place.

Before leaving, he savoured a simple meal of bruschetta topped with fresh tomatoes and basil, savouring the flavours that the region had to offer.

With Gubbio as his final destination, Orsetto Lucio’s excitement grew bigger and bigger, while he was pushing on his pedals with great energy.

He knew that Gubbio was renowned for its annual “Corsa dei Ceri,” an ancient race where three teams competed, carrying large wooden structures topped with a Saint through the streets, and he couldn’t wait to witness the spectacle and decided to climb on top of the bell tower where the bells rang all day, making him a little bit confused and half deaf for a day or two

Arriving in Gubbio just in time for the race on May 15th, Lucio found himself amidst a sea of enthusiastic locals: the atmosphere was electrifying as the teams prepared for the challenge.

Curiosity piqued, he joined the crowd and cheered them on, as they dashed through the town, with their Ceri on the back of their shoulders.

After the race, as the celebrations filled the air, Orsetto Lucio indulged in a traditional feast. He dined on savoury truffles and sipped on sweet Sagrantino wine, raising a glass in honour of the triumphant teams. The bear couldn’t help but join in the joyful dancing and laughter that filled the streets, embracing the vibrant spirit of Gubbio.

As the days passed, Orsetto Lucio bid farewell to Gubbio, knowing that he had experienced something truly special. His heart was filled with fond memories of the charming towns he had visited and the warm-hearted people he had encountered. With a final wave, he pedalled away, eager to embark on his next adventure.

And so, while he started exploring other beautiful regions of Italy, the story of Orsetto Lucio, the bear who explored Umbria on his bicycle, became a beloved tale in the region: his spirit of curiosity and his zest for life inspired many others to embark on their own journeys, discovering the wonders that lay just beyond their doorstep.

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