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A not so known region as Emilia Romagna is a place worth visiting for whoever wants to call himself or herself an Italy “connoisseur “.

But once you get there, what do you need to see and do?

Let’s see what Massari Travel, can suggest doing or experiencing to get to know this unique area at its best.

Everybody knows about Parmigiano Reggiano, the hard, granular cheese made of cow’s milk that make the world of Italian pasta goes around 😊, but few have really tasted the original one and has had the experience to walk through a real “parmesan walk of fame”, so to speak, hundreds and hundreds of yards of round, huge, whole cheese that smell better, much better, than Chanel n°5.

It is smell of the 5 senses that here is called into action, much before taste and sight, and your smell will guide you through a sensorial path to create never ending memories to be shared and retrieved in the future.

The Parmesan cheese you eat there will be your Madeleine that will call to mind beautiful memories and warm feeelings, like the ones described in La Recherche du Temps perdu by Monsieur Proust.

No one can resist this temptation, why should he…?  And no one will, with Massari Travel,.

Let’s make it happen and start our experience with the beautiful city Parma where opera singers and ham and cheese producers alike will welcome you with a warm, tasty embrace.

An embrace that will get warmer and warmer while you start sipping Lambrusco, the typical wine of this region whose grapes originate from three zones in Emilia-Romagna, mainly around the central provinces of Modena, Parma, Reggio-Emilia.

And it is Lambrusco our “fil rouge” or vin… rouge, to go along with the French, 😊, that will lead us to Modena, the realm of Balsamic Vinegar, seasoned in barrels as we do with precious wines.

the gods’ nectar, able to enhance any and every food from cheese to … believe it or not, ice-cream.

Our last stop will take you to the kingdom of knowledge, the realm of goodies, the land of smiling and welcoming people: Bologna, with its unique tortellini and its colonnades, where strolling around becomes knowledge and authentic sharing of a lifestyle that is all Italian and Italian only.

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